An urgent need to address the tracker training requirements of numerous conservation organizations, lead to the establishment of Counter Insurgency Tracker Training (CITT). The company was founded by and is spear-headed by Colin Patrick and Andreas Liebenberg, who provide and facilitate specialist man and animal tracking courses. The training approach serves to impart the skills, knowledge and tactics required for trackers to be successful and efficient, thereby, maximizing effectiveness in the field.

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In response to the current rhino poaching crisis in South Africa, a joint initiative between the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) and Counter Insurgency Tracker Training (CITT) was established.

Legal and SASSETA Accreditaion

Within the current legal system, perpetrators (poachers) are in many instances, not convicted due to technicalities. For this reason, it is imperative that the field rangers or game guards conducting counter-poaching operations are qualified, at a national level, in man tracking. CITT is registered with SASSETA (Safety & Security Sector Education Training Authority) and each learner who successfully completes their course, is issued with a nationally recognised certificate, together with a certificate from the SAWC.

Tactical Tracker Training

The sharp increase in the poaching of rhino and other valuable species, makes the ability to track people a vital tool for organisations in the conservation and security related industries.


Tactical Man Tracking

Field rangers are equipped with the practical skills, knowledge and correct attitude to detect the spoor of suspects and to track them effectively in small teams.


Animal Tracking

Learners are taught to interpret mammal, bird and invertebrate track and sign and the art of following the spoor (fundamentals of tracking) successfully. For more information on anmial tracking please contact Andreas Liebenberg or Colin Patrick.



The CITT team works operationally with the field rangers to further their spoor detection and tracking skills whilst 'on the job'.


CITT Trainers

The CITT trainers are professional in their approach and have many years of teaching and mentoring experience.



Colin Patrick
CITT Trainer
Assessor (SASSETA) #19A78061993

Colin has been involved in the conservation industry for over 20 years and trains trackers in the hunting, eco-tourism and security industries.

• FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa) accredited training provider
• Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) registered assessor
• CATHSETA and SASSETA registered assessor
• Cybertracker external evaluator

• Senior Tracker
• Senior Track & Sign
• Senior Trailing
• FGASA Level 3
• Accredited firearm instructor and range officer
• Operational experience in anti-poaching
• Scout
• Member of Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA)


Andreas Liebenberg
CITT Trainer
Assessor (SASSETA) #19A10810504

Andreas has been involved in the conservation industry for over 20 years with a background in man and animal tracking, self-protection and combat training and wilderness guiding.

• Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) registered assessor
• CATHSETA and SASSETA registered assessor
• Cybertracker assessor
• Senior Tracker
• Specialist Track & Sign
• Specialist Trailing
• FGASA Level 3
• Combat firearms instructor under new act
• Unarmed combat instructor
• Operational experience in anti-poaching
• Scout
• Founder member Peace Parks Foundation


Sean Pattrick
CITT Trainer
Assessor (SASSETA) #19A78062639

Sean has been in the wildlife industry for the past 18 years in various capacities, from guiding to lodge management, game capture and research.

• FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa) assessor and National assessor
• Track & Sign Level 4
• FGASA Level 3
• Military  career: 1 Parachute Battalion lance corporal and medic
• Firearms instructor


Brenden Pienaar
CITT Assistant Trainer

Brenden has been involved in the conservation industry for over 13 years with a background in environmental research and wilderness trails.

• BTech Nature Conservation
• MSc Ecology
• FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa) Assessor
• FGASA Level 3 & Professional Trails Guide
• SKS Birding
• Cybertracker Track & Sign 3
• Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) Assessor
• Member of Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA)


Tactical Man Tracker Training Course

Course Content

• Introduction
• Qualities of a good tracker
• Spoor detection and patrol principles
• Track and sign ID – man and animal
• Track and sign interpretation – man and animal
• Ageing of spoor
• Interpreting a human trail
• Use of GPS, compass and camera in the field
• Scene interpretation and intelligence gathering
• Tactical team tracking
• Effective hand signal communication
• Lost spoor procedures
• Anti-tracking
• ID Anti-tracking and relocate suspects tracks
• Important standard operating procedures (SOPs)
• Managing the bigger response to incursion


Course Options

• Combat Man Tracker 5 Day Course
Preparation & Assessment
(Field rangers require min. 2 years field experience)

• Combat Man Tracker 8 Day Course
Training, Preparation & Assessment

Course Programme

The five and eight day courses cover similar subject matter. The instructional time spent on course content is greater on the eight-day option and more time is allocated to practical exercises. The natural and logical flow of the course material, leads the course participants into practical exercises that simulate the 'real thing' as close as possible. Once the required material has been covered, learners are assessed on a theoretical and practical level.

Course Recognition

On successful completion of the training course, each candidate will have undergone an assessment against the SASSETA accredited unit standard, "Track a Person" US ID 376642 and will be issued with a certificate of achievement from the SAWC and CITT as well as a badge for the relevant level achieved. Upon final moderation, the learner will be awarded national accreditation.


• Combat Man Tracker 8 Day Course
Bateleur Mobile Camp - 7 to 14 Sept 2015

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• Combat Man Tracker 8 Day Course
Bateleur Mobile Camp - 21 to 28 November 2017

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• Combat Man Tracker 8 Day Course
Bateleur Mobile Camp - 14 to 21 May 2017

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Tactical Training

"Move quietly and slowly, make use of the shadows and the terrain to optimise your tactical advantage"



  • To date 245 of the Park Feild Rangers have been put through this programme with great success. Maj Gen(ret) Johan Jooste,
    Commanding Officer Special Projects
    Kruger National Park

  • Given that detection forms a priority function in counter insurgency operations, it's critically important that Field Rangers are subjected to quality tactical tracker training, and in this regard the training provided by CITT is to be recommended. C. L. Rowles,
    Warden - Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

  • Every field ranger estimates their own ability to track highly, but after the course, they understand how the other facets trained make their tracking skills far more valuable in the fight against poaching. J. Brits,
    General Manager - Timbavati Private Nature Reserve


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